Multipurpose centres

We will tackle the lack of dedicated specialised multipurpose centres for people with disabilities and other special needs – including the elderly – by building and operating new care centres across Bangladesh.

Apasen International will draw on our UK experience of establishing and operating day care and residential respite centres to benefit parents and carers of family members with severe disabilities or conditions that need constant care. In discussions with partner organisations in Bangladesh, the concept of a ‘respite break’ for carers was seen as being greatly needed by professionals, families, and people with disabilities themselves. In particular, there are no services for poor families with children with learning disabilities, severe autism and other conditions, elderly people suffering from dementia, or people recovering from debilitating illnesses or accidents.

Apasen International will target major donors and funding bodies to secure capital funds to establish residential respite centres – initially in Sylhet Division where levels of learning disabilities are the highest in the country. These regional centres will be operated as non-profit social enterprises where some revenue is generated from fee-paying residents to subsidise free places for poorer families. Land will be donated in perpetuity to Apasen International and buildings designed for maximum eco-efficiency in energy, water, and use of materials.

Families from across Sylhet Division will be referred through our partner organisations for a short break or long term residential care depending on their initial assessment. Residents will be able to enjoy access to daily therapies and support as well as recreational and leisure activities that make their stay positive experience for them. Family members will have access to counselling and training to help improve the situation at home and increase their loved one’s independence.