Advocacy and policy work

We will address the lack of free government services available by lobbying the Government of Bangladesh to develop health, education, and livelihood facilities and opportunities and supporting national advocacy campaigns.

In parallel with public awareness campaigns, Apasen International will work at a macro-level to influence policy and decision makers and support the Government’s efforts in continuing to build momentum following the making of two important new laws: The Trust Act for the Protection of Neurodevelopmental Disabled Persons 2013 and The Rights and Protection Act for Disabled Persons 2013.

In particular, Apasen International and our partners will engage with the advisory and technical committees that guide the priorities of the National Steering Committee for Neurodevelopmental Disorders under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. We will work closely with the newly formed Neurodevelopmental Trust and, with our partners, participate in the National Forum of Organisations Working with the Disabled (NFOWD), increasing collaboration between government and civil society. We will advocate strongly for a regulatory system to monitor the safeguarding of vulnerable adults and children in all health and social care services and provide capacity building for key organisations.

As an international NGO based in London, we will also publicise the need for international targets and increased funding for health and social care, education, and livelihoods development for children and adults with disabilities. We will engage the international development research communities in increasing research studies in this area and influence broadcast and social media for more accurate commentary on these complex conditions and issues.