Public awareness campaigns

We will combat social stigma and discrimination by producing informative materials and organising public awareness activities to increase support for the rights of children and adults with disabilities in Bangladesh.

There has been some recent progress in changing public perception of learning disabilities, autism and other special needs in Bangladesh through government and World Health Organisation Campaigns Such as the Global Autism Public Health Initiative (GAPH). Apasen International directors have been involved with GAPH since its inception in 2011 and we will continue to support and integrate our activities for maximum awareness raising across the country.

Working locally, regionally, and nationally, we will design and implement comprehensive awareness campaigns that increase support for the rights of children and adults with learning disabilities to be actively included in society and be provided with equal opportunities.

We will address the different reasons for social stigma including: ignorance about the nature and causes of impairments, invisibility of people with learning disabilities themselves, and lack of knowledge about their potential and capacity to make progress and achieve life goals. We will do this by actively involving the local community through project management committees, local leaders’ workshops, recruitment and training of staff and volunteers. We will raise the profile of disabled people’s skills and capabilities through public events such as local theatre, stadium sports days, and media broadcasts – to increase respect and understanding. National level activities will include round table discussions, seminars, and specialised conferences.