Capacity building and training

We will tackle the lack of trained health workers, care workers, therapists, medical professionals, and teachers in rural areas and urban slums by investing in human resources and helping to build and strengthen the health and social care sector in Bangladesh.

Apasen International is committed to developing an appropriate health and social care work force to meet the demands for new services and facilities in Bangladesh. Our extensive experience of training and developing care workers in the UK is of great value in Bangladesh where the care sector is embryonic or non-existent in most parts of the country –especially in poor under-served areas like crowded urban slums and remote rural villages.

We will particularly focus on addressing the chronic shortage of trained locally available staff and care workers – especially health workers,teachers, doctors and nurses,developmental therapists, care workers, and trainers – who need to be able to provide a professional level of care and understand minimum requirements and quality standards. We will focus on increasing knowledge about specialised disability areas and safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults. We will do this by delivering training courses in internationally recognised health and social care qualifications for people who are directly engaged with the client and providing hands-on care. We will also make the courses available to parents who need qualifications because they are looking after other people’s relatives as well as their own.

Many of our local partners have substantial expertise in training teachers, community volunteers and parents, and we will collaborate with them through joint projects and programmes to maximise reach and build the capacity of local communities.