What people say about us

“I would like to say that there is no issue more urgent than helping those who are the most marginalised in Bangladesh’s poor communities. Recent data has shown that despite incredible progress towards achieving many of the Millennium Development Goals, Bangladesh is still failing to reach those with disabilities who are isolated, excluded, and worse stigmatised for their conditions. I fully support Apasen International sharing its expertise with local partners in Bangladesh and establishing vital services for the most vulnerable. We know they will have a positive impact on so many people’s lives – just like they do in the UK.”

Anne Main MP
Chairman of British- Bangladesh All-Party Parliamentary Group

“I am delighted to see that the dream of Apasen International taking its expertise to help the most vulnerable – children and adults with learning disabilities, autism, and other special needs – in Bangladesh is becoming a reality. Their work in my constituency and across Tower Hamlets is truly exemplary. As a diaspora led UK charity, they have made an enormous contribution to health and social care in the UK and I look forward to seeing Apasen International develop its innovative work in Bangladesh in the near future.”

Rushanara Ali MP
Shadow Minister for Education and former Shadow Minister for International Development

“When I visited Bangladesh with Mahmud Hasan, Chief Executive of Apasen International, we were both struck by the desperate need of poor children and adults with autism and the absence of services in health, education, and livelihoods for people with special needs. Apasen International has the right kind of skills and experience to help Bangladesh start tackling this hidden issue and alleviating the suffering of thousands of vulnerable people as they struggle with the double disadvantage of their poverty and a disability.”

Richard Fuller MP