What We Do

Why we need your help

Poor households with a disabled child are one of the most marginalised and vulnerable groups in Bangladesh. They struggle to cope with the higher health care costs and lost income opportunities from constant care duties. As a family, they experience multiple deprivations, barriers to inclusion, and stigma and discrimination.

Who we target

Apasen International and our partners on the ground have worked hard on undertaking needs assessments and identifying which groups of people would most benefit from our assistance and support.

Where we work

We will prioritise regions of Bangladesh that have the most need – such as Sylhet Division that has the highest levels of learning disabilities in the country and urban slum areas that have the highest incidences of overall child disabilities.

Quality Control

Apasen International and our local partners’ activities in Bangladesh will meet the same high standards of excellence in service delivery as Apasen does in the UK. We have a robust monitoring and evaluation system that will ensure our target groups receive the best care and treatments and that all funding is spent effectively.

Our Partners