Who We Are

Apasen International

Apasen International focuses on improving the lives of vulnerable people with learning disabilities, autism and other special needs in urban and rural communities in Bangladesh. We work with local partners and stakeholders to provide a range of services in health, education, and poverty reduction for children and adults with disabilities and reduce levels of discrimination and stigma. We advocate for the full inclusion of people with disabilities in society and provide information, advice, and support to families and carers.

Our Vision and Values

Everyone has the right to independence and a good quality of life whether they are living with a disability, ill health, special educational needs, or entering later years.

Message from Chief Executive

It is an inspiring time to be leading Apasen International and our team of staff and partners. The charity was established in June 2013 in response to increasing requests from key stakeholders in the UK and Bangladesh to help the millions of vulnerable children and adults in Bangladesh that are needlessly suffering because of untreated conditions and disabilities such as autism, epilepsy, Down’s syndrome and cerebral palsy.

What people say about us

“I would like to say that there is no issue more urgent than helping those who are the most marginalised in Bangladesh’s poor communities. Recent data has shown that despite incredible progress towards achieving many of the Millennium Development Goals, Bangladesh is still failing to reach those with disabilities who are isolated, excluded, and worse stigmatised for their conditions. I fully support Apasen International sharing its expertise with local partners in Bangladesh and establishing vital services for the most vulnerable. We know they will have a positive impact on so many people’s lives – just like they do in the UK.”